Fresh upgrade, fresh snow and other concerns

Dearest Reader – you know how much I love to tell you when I upgrade my blog software? That’s right, I’m running WordPress 2.7, also known as “Coltrane”. Pretty geeky, eh? The new admin panel is completely different. It’s sveltely in appearance. I want to eat it, not write with it.

So this was a big part of yesterday –


Drove to Rochester and found that school had been closed (stupid me for listening to MPR and not listening to local weather on the radio – I blame Blagojevich). So, I turned around and fought winter weather in the eastbound lane of I-90. Alas.

Other things that are currently on my mind. Listing:

– Minnesota state budget deficit. Don’t lay me off!

– My wireless router. Why do you suck? I have you working OK for now, but you seem to fail me so often. Too many people have wireless routers now causing interference with my router. I’ve started giving my wireless router technologically threatening names in hopes that my wireless neighbors see it on their wireless lists and are scared back to a wired internet. Otherwise I’m moving back to a wired internet.

-My slow laptop. I should make you happy and buy you more memory, but I’m broke. Sorry.

And that is pretty much it. Not so bad, really. They almost seem trivial except for that first one. Ha ha.

Best of luck everyone. See you in 2009, perhaps earlier.

4 thoughts on “Fresh upgrade, fresh snow and other concerns”

  1. I saw the elementary schools network on my router. It’s accross the street. It’s unsecured and let me join. So then I scanned all the IP addresses on the subnet and found a couple – I did a \\192.168.0.x and pulled up some shared files on a desktop – mostly Lloyd Weber crap and some Beach Boys records. I copied a couple of the beachboys songs and left a note saying I had been there.

  2. ooh, i’ve been ignoring the “please update now” link on wordpress
    since it first appeared.. should i keep on with this approach
    or conform conform conform?!!

    i haven’t bothered going wireless yet
    but i do have a 15 metre ethernet cable
    that will reach anywhere in my apt, mwahahaha.
    i wonder if they make them longer..

    happy holidays & all that teddy!
    i’ll be sure to keep my fingers crossed on the job thing for you..

  3. Hey timd – The music teacher is sharing out files. For shame.

    Candice, you can make that ethernet cable as long as you want. Go buy a spool of CAT5 and wrap it around the world.

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