Regarding the New Year

Tragedy struck our house Friday night when we could not locate this particular Buzz Lightyear:


Yes, we have many different Buzz Lightyear’s but this was the one Rhen wanted on that particular evening. Tears were shed on both sides. Huge search parties were coordinated to find “Flying Buzz”. All ending in failure and misery.  The evening ended with a promise from domestic leaders to make wings for “Big Buzz” (who does not have extended wings) out of cardboard.

Early Saturday morning (like at 7 AM) I was searching for a good piece of cardboard to fashion Buzz Lightyear wings for Rhen. That’s right. Change of plans. No longer did Rhen want wings for “Big Buzz”. He wanted his own. Plans were made and a factory was created to fashion Rhen’s wings. I worked on concept and manufacture.  C_ worked on detailing. A note here – one day Rhen will grow up to be a project manager and your child will work for him and he or she will very much hate him. Rhen demands the very best. No shoddiness. No bull. Actually, project manager would be beneath him. Rhen will be somewhere on the lines of Gordon Gecko.

Resulting flying wing for Rhen:


Detailing was minimal since Gecko wanted the project finished YESTERDAY!

Still though, we weren’t having any luck finging “Flying Buzz” and we knew this is what Rhen truly wanted. Sunday morning I could take it no longer. I braved the cold weather and rummaged through our car in my pajamas, successfully locating “Flying Buzz”.

Joy and merriment. Renewed vows of family peace and harmony spread like wildfire through our house. The perfect ending to the extended weekend.

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