Lost: Jughead (season 5, episode 2)

The “Jughead” episode is pretty high up on the scale of favorite Lost episodes. The island skipping through time has become a nice mechanism to reveal the island’s history. Charles Whidmore as a young soldier punk in the 50s! Once again, the island becomes the central character. Finally. And it totally made up for the 50 minutes of Penny throwing a huge wife fit all over Desmond’s shit about finding Faraday’s mom.

Favorite characters of this episode? Glad you asked. In list form:

Daniel Faraday – I want to talk in his low measured voice all day long. I need to disarm a bomb. Talking low and measured is how you do it. Do not underestimate this dark horse!

Young Charles Whidmore – He speaks Latin! All the Others speak Latin! How cool is that?

and of course, Juliet, who also speak Latin!

One thought on “Lost: Jughead (season 5, episode 2)”

  1. I just blogged about this episode recently. The tim jumps are getting confusing for me.

    Young Widmore reminded me a little bit of the hothead Percy from “The Green Mile”.

    “Latin is a language, as dead as it can be.
    It killed off all the Romans
    And now it’s killing me”.

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