Reel around the fountain

Pretty much every morning I wake up I will have a song in my head. Sometimes I sing it. Sometimes I don’t. C_ thinks it is quite incredible to be so singy and chipper each morning. It has gotten to the point where Rhen is starting to make commentary. Obviously, C_ isn’t much of a morning person. Rhen seems like a morning person but he doesn’t enjoy it, yet.

Songs vary. Who knows why. It’s like subconscious Bingo. I don’t even care to know why. This morning’s song wasn’t a singer, but it was a hummer – Binary Sunset by John Williams of Star Wars fame. You know, the part when Luke is on Tatooine looking awesomely heroic while the sun goes down?

Update – Just in case you forgot, except for Leah 🙂

4 thoughts on “Reel around the fountain”

  1. I do believe they’re both going down, since Uncle Owen mentions to come in before dark. I can’t imagine it’d be dark if one sun was up and the other was down.

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