A clear transmission

Last night, Rich the Tranny Guy (the guy that is fixing our transmission) called and told us he had some good news! Our transmission on the RAV4 sounds great and rides great but 5th gear is shot to hell. In fact, he’s never seen a 5th gear so shot to hell.

Toyota makes excellent transmissions and according to Rich, it’s the most shot to hell gear he’s even seen. You see, Toyota makes the gears so incredibly hard that they’re almost impossible to press – whatever that means, but it’s good. It’s a sign rugged durability. Rich told me in all honesty that, once again, he’s never seen a 5th gear so shot to hell.

Rich told me that he pulled 5th gear off and ordered the new parts for our transmission. He gave me a brief, yet thorough overview on the weak economy and the impact it has on car part inventories across the country. He hopes the part doesn’t have to come from Japan.

Rich didn’t waste anytime in  telling me why he thought 5th gear was so beat to hell. As he explained I occassionally said, “I see.” I understood him clearly and thanked him with all of my heart that our bill was going to be much much lower than anticipated.

6 thoughts on “A clear transmission”

  1. must be the demand for Toyota? T got a trans with 30k miles on it and installed for $1400. No comments aboutthe quality of his car, please.

  2. The tranny guy said our transmission is fine – it’s just 5th gear that is shot to hell from bad shifting. Why would we want to spend money on 10 hours of labor to rip out a perfectly good transmission (with the exception of 5th gear) and then replace it with something that may or may not be any good? A transmission that has 30k on it and is in a junkyard is there for a reason. Killed in Auto?

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