Jim Morrison, my counterculture frat boy

The Doors’ You Make Me Real always, always makes me think of Jim Morrison wearing blue jeans and a fraternity sweater playing at a kegger. The crowd really into it. Jim in earnest. It’s catchy music and good. Full of that youthful idealism. Dare I say, fun? Every Door’s song reminds me a little of Louie Louie — it’s THAT good.

Jim slums it at UCLA. Experiments with alcohol and drugs and after graduating (give or take a year) takes a nice paying administrative position in his father’s company back east. He marries, has a huge family (successful life!) and retires to Wyoming. Dies peacefully with his family surrounding him.

That’s how it should of went down for Jim Morrison. The music and the lifestyle never matched up for me. It was all too fun and slightly silly for Jim M. to end up dying alone in Paris apartment bathtub.


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