Lost: LaFleur (season 5, episode 8)

I’m not a big fan of Sawyer-centric episodes but this one worked for me because it reveals more history of the island (our number one star!).

I think the Dharma Initiative stuff just writes itself. As we watched last night I said  to C_, “If I had everyone I loved with me and I was stranded on the island? Why would I ever want to go back to Minnesota?” It really does beg the question. What is wrong with these people?

Oh and the private meeting between Alpert and Sawyer? Top shelf.

Favorite characters:

Juliet! So so so much hotter than Kate.

Young Charlotte! Less annoying! Cuter!

5 thoughts on “Lost: LaFleur (season 5, episode 8)”

  1. if horace was the dharma leader then they need to get purged…btw…hurley is much hotter than kate and juliet. as for the baby that was just born, good money is on it being Faraday.

  2. No one likes Horace which makes sense – it supports the storyline that the Dharma Initiative are a bunch of clowns.

    Hugo’s shit is cute but gets old real fast.

    And the part about Faraday? You just blew my mind, sir.

  3. Okay so I was wrong about the baby being Faraday. I did like how when Juliet found out the baby was Ethan she couldn’t give the baby back fast enough. Dr. Jack Sheppard as a Janitor….bwhahhahahhaha

  4. I’m really not liking Jack as a janitor. This bullshit needs to end. Only two more episodes and then one more season! Boo!

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