My inevitable downward spiral with Girl Talk

It’s not even 6 AM I have Girl Talk‘s bootleg album, “Girl Talk Murders Seattle” playing on my laptop (yes, I have moved to the live bootleg stage of this musical connection – IT’S SERIOUS). I simply just can’t wait to put it all on and sit there with my mouth slightly open.

Girl Talk is Gregg Gillis of Pittsburg PA, a former bioengineer student turned full time musician. He mixes just about every style of music on a laptop and somehow it all beautifully works. In a slew of interview samples, it is described by Gillis and others as, “glitch, remix, sassy, abomination, sounds like digital error, going cha-cha-cha, happy up-tempo fun punky girl pop commercial fun.”

So his music is a lot of hip-hop, electronic dance beats and pop sampling and it’s wonderful. I have a hard time (getting better) placing a lot of the hip-hop artists but it’s fun to recognize the pop samples layered over it all.

Hard to explain too, here’s a video that sort of does (NSFW)

I don’t think it’s the best song by Girl Talk but it’s probably the least explicit and I don’t want to offend my mom because she reads my blog.  Safe for work and mom’s ears,  below is the Microsoft “I’m a PC” video that features Girl Talk:

In other news, I am the first person to make a sale on Getty Images brand spankin’ new Flickr collection. Check it out here. More information about the collection is here. And my stuff is here.

Oh and this is week four of quitting smoking for me. I’m so going to do this thing. The other day a co-worker said to me, “Wow. You really did quit smoking.” Hell yes, I DID!

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