And if a double-decker bus…

Last  night I dreamt somebody loved me – just kidding. Oh Morrissey you’re so funny!

Actually last night I dreamt that I had to take many tests. Standardized testing. The worst testing of all tests. It was in two parts (there was a little sub-plot with this dream but I’ll skip it). The first part of the test involved Rhen findings clues planted in the testing room. I would gather each clue and solve the word problems provided in the booklet. The second part of the test was your typical “If Karl leaves Dusseldorf on lightrail at 5 AM traveling at 125 kilometres per hour and the Caspian Sea is calm at how long will Linda it take Linda to finish her presentation in Pittsburgh? You know that sort of question.

Super annoying? The girl sitting in front of me put her fashion magazines (Redbook!) on my desk AFTER I sat down. I placed them in the metal book basket under her chair, got up from my seat and excused myself from the class. As I left I overheard the proctor ask the class what they expected out of an education. I heard someone respond that he’d like a prestigious career and loads of money. I heard her shout, “YOU ARE ALL GOING TO FAIL”.  At this point I looked down at myself and realized I wasn’t wearing clothes.

The wish list:

It’s all Pale Young Gentlemen. Particularly –

Marvelous Design

The Crook of My Good Arm

We Will Meet

There is a Place?


Saturday Night

Clap Your Hands

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