RIP Coonhound (2002-2009)

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This past Thursday we had our beloved Coonhound Mix (Owen) put down. He had attacked Rhen (our 4 year old son) during dinner and bit him several times on the face, head and neck. Of course it was over food, our vet called it typical guarding behavior. Rhen was taken to the emergency room where he was treated for his injuries. One of the wounds required stitches. Rhen is OK. He just looks really beat up.

Every dog bite that is treated by the hospital needs to be reported to the police. Our police officer that took the report said we were lucky this time, again. This was the second time Coonhound had bit Rhen. He’s bit three other times. He was a biting dog and often times nervous. We tried hard to give him a new home but people aren’t willing to take in biting dogs. We also learned that pet adoption agencies will not take a biting dog either. This is completely understandable. We didn’t want this to happen to another family’s child or anyone else. Coonhound wouldn’t be safe. He was our responsibility.

So the decision to euthanize was made that night. Dr. Logas from the Winona Pet Medical Center was the veterinarian that performed the procedure. She was kind and gentle with Owen. Everything went as well as it could go. I stayed with him until the very end. He went peacefully.

I buried him out at my parents house yesterday afternoon. I wept. Our family loved that dog so much. He had a lot of love in him. He could be sweet and tender. He loved to run wild and explore the woods above my parents house. I’ve seen him jump over a patio in a single leap, only to touch down on the deck for a single second before launching himself into flight again.

Our mailman called The Coonhound “smart” because he was quiet and waited for him to get as close the mailbox as possible before his attack (which involved crazed barking from the closest window).

He loved to chase the dump truck on the other side of the fence when it picked up the garbage next door.

He was terribly afraid of thunderstorms.

He was known as Owen, Owen Wilson (yes, after the actor) Owie, O-Town, O, The Sexy Beast, The Big Bopper, Coonalicious, Cooney, The Croc, The Kookaburra, The Security System, Cancun, and most often – The Coonhound.

We want to thank our family and friends for their support during this sad time.

We love you so much Coonhound and miss you! You were not a bad dog. You were a good dog and we tried to do our best by you. Run and play now. The woods is yours to explore. You will always be our Coonhound and we will always have a home for you in our heart.


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  1. I’m so sorry Teddy, I know how hard it is to put down a loved member of your family. I’m glad Rhen is ok, my heart goes out to you and yours.

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