There isn’t nothing that electronic contact cleaner cannot fix. It’s like the new black duct tape. Today’s latest rehab – my ailing external flash. It wasn’t syncing with the camera. A few sprays of contact cleaner (NATO approved) and baby is bringing sexy back. It also brought new life to my malfunctioning iPod Touch (that helped me quit smoking and is helping me lose weight) and resuscitated a dead 30 year old Polaroid Land Camera.

What  more do I need?

C_ and I celebrated 10 years of marriage on Friday with a commemorative trip to House on the Rock (or as we affectionately call it, “Shithole on the Rock”). We had taken this trip after graduating from college and wanted to try it again.

We had a great time. I love spending time alone with C_ but we did worry quite a bit about our Rhenfro. Our cellphone couldn’t get a signal in rural Wisconsin. Eventually we couldn’t take it anymore and I pulled over at a gas station bought a phone card and found a pay phone. Of course everything was OK with Rhen and my Mom, but still, being out of touch with Rhen is a bit unsettling. We talked  a great deal about Rhen on the trip which I suppose is another way of talking about ourselves.

There was a lot of rain on the way back  – I worried a bit about flash flooding. Hey, it happens. A few warnings went over the radio but nothing came of it.

It felt great to get out – it felt better to get home. I’ve always been a homebody.

So what else? Lately, I’ve been gathering cameras. Here’s what I have so far. Doesn’t include big tote:

tedfoo5 1024x680  Bliss


All That I want, The Weepies

My Home in the Sky, Greg Brown

Margaret vs. Pauline, Neko Case

Southwood Plantation Road, The Mountain Goats

If you don’t get it at home, Greg Brown

1952 Vincent Black Lightning, Richard Thompson

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