May I order it now?

So, for like the last I don’t know, 10 years I’ve been having skateboarding dreams. The kind when I’m just cruising the streets at night or in the early morning, skating where ever I want. They’re the best dreams.

Today at the mall I decided to visit the Zumiez shop. I asked the sales girl some questions and told her I was interested in getting back into skateboarding. She could get me back on a skateboard for 90 bucks but she didn’t have the wheels I wanted. I thanked her for her time, she was great about answering questions and went home to put something together.

I could of went with a retro Powell Peralta skateboard but even back in the day I remember those skateboards sucking. Most of them were hard to maneuver and clumsy. I also could of went with a brand new board with all new gear but I fretted about buying something I didn’t know much about and getting crap. There was also the idea of buying a longboard but worried about the limitations. I’d like to get some air again. Here’s what I got:

Thunder 145 Lo Raw Skateboard Trucks – I first started out with a pair of black Gullwing trucks. They were tanks. I ground them down and moved on to Independent trucks. I loved those trucks – moved onto Thunder trucks right before I quit. They were just as good and quite bit cheaper.

Bones Reds Precision Skate Bearings – Who knew bearings were so expensive? I never gave a thought of them when I was a kid. Reds are affordable and reviewed well.

Powell Peralta Rat Bones Skateboard Wheels 60mm 85a Black– The best wheels ever. A long time ago, my friend JD and I decided that these were the ultimate street wheels and would never skate anything else. Anything harder than 85a on street was a tragedy.

Moose Blank Skateboard Deck 8.5″ Natural – I wasn’t very interested in buying a pro deck. They’re expensive and I haven’t the slightest idea of the kind of person I would be endorsing. Once again, Moose decks were affordable and reviewed well.


Don’t Ask For The Water, Ryan Adams

Yaaka Hulahickey Dula, Al Jolson

Cure For Pain, Morphine

Close To Me, The Cure

Dyslexic Heart, Paul Westerberg

Lonely Lonely (Frisbee’d Mix), Feist

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