Oh Tuesday!

Sorry Iggy Pop, but my lust for life, my joie de vivre doesn’t go much further than this cup of coffee on this fine Tuesday morning but hey, I have a story I’m sure even you could appreciate.

Stupidly enough (ha!) I thought roasting marshmallows and drinking celebratory (just what was I celebrating again, oh yeah the end of the weekend) quantities of beer was a good idea. Well, actually the marshmallow bit was Rhen’s idea. There, I did it. I blamed the kid.

So, everything is going just right. I was roasting up marshmallows on the stove with Rhen and carefully shucking roasted bits onto a plate to cool. We did about four. Rhen made off with the plate, no big deal – I stuck one on my fork and proceeded to roast it.

Now I’m not going to say that alcohol was solely responsible for this but it certainly increased its chances. Roasted marshmallow off of blue flame. Popped marshmallow into mouth. Delicious. Rested fork (THAT WAS JUST IN BLUE FLAME) onto lower lip.


So, the swelling has gone done this morning. It’s not hideous or anything – a bit discolored. I don’t look diseased – that’s good. The only thing it really caused is a bit of discomfort and the sure swell of stupidity. A big bump of it.

Aloe Vera Lista!

Let’s Call It Love, Sleater-Kinney

Handsome Devil, The Smiths

Warm It Up, Girl Talk

Vicious World, Rufus Wainwright

I Love Paris, Charlie Parker

You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb, Spoon

Blister In the Sun, Violent Femmes

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