In form

The other night I skateboarded over to Midtown to pick up hot dogs (Kosher, extra lean, all beef) and buns for dinner. It’s been a couple weeks since I wrecked my ankle but it felt alright so I picked up my normal cruising speed . Observed:

Motorists have no idea what to do when they see a skateboarder approaching an intersection. Do I treat it like a bicyclist? Pedestrian? Freak of nature? Regardless the decision to run me(skate punk!) over is made and acted upon. I’m sure they’d give me the finger too but then they see my gray hairs and decide not, because I pay taxes and vote. But to be honestly fair? I think it has to do with speed. Winona motorists haven’t dealt with a skateboarder moving quickly towards an intersection in years. Most of them look away when they cut me off.

I like flying off of curbs into intersections at the fastest speed possible. See above.

I avoid young skateboarders doing incredibly insane aerial tricks off of high ledges because really, who needs to be shown up at my age?

Nothing changes. Empty bank parking lots are the best places to skate. I have no idea why but it was like that 20 years ago.

Cops don’t bother skateboarders anymore.

I strike an incredibly heroic figure of resistance and abandon when I am skating fast as possible down the street looking behind me for cars right before I fly off the curb into the intersection. Standing straight with a slight bend in my knees, Daft Punk playing in my head, wind rippling my t-shirt– I am reckless and calm, in form.

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  1. Aw Rachel, thanks. BTW, if you ever come to Minnesota in late summer. Bring mosquito repellent. Like DEET strength. The kind that makes you glow radioactively. Just a tip.

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