New scale, new season

For some odd reason, C_ and I decided to buy a new scale last night. I suppose it was out of curiosity. Our old scale had a needle and was probably more accurate pointing out true north than registering true zero.  So we got a digital scale. Accurate within like .03 lbs. Of course we registered more weight on the new scale (approx. 2 lbs) but like, who cares? North is toward the river and that I know for sure.

Not much skateboarding lately. Rain and more rain. Bummed. Considering a move to southern California.

Self-centered prick:

Take On Me, A-Ha

Oh Me, Nirvana

Knowing me, knowing you, ABBA

Here I Am (Come and Take Me), Al Green

All of Me, Billie Holiday

Army of Me, Bjork

Close to Me, The Cure

Levitate Me, Pixie

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