Live blogging my morning, one song at a time…

Hey it’s Saturday morning and I’ve got a little bit of coffee next to me and the Purple Rain sountrack playing on the computer. Hello computer!  Oh call me some sort of romantic but Prince’s Purple Rain has always been the soundtrack of my dreams. Peacocks, tall buildings made of pristine marble and the apocalypse-  all mixed in with When Doves Cry. It’s really pretty and terrible.

*Baby I’m a Star, Prince

And that’s about all I can take of Prince (skipping  Baby I’m a Star). Christ. You do have to admire Prince though – creating an entire career around a soundtrack to a horrible movie about a fictional account of his life (he succeeds!). That’s savvy.

*8 Ball, Underworld

Hey wait, this song is from The Beach soundtrack. iTunes seems to be kicking up a lot soundtracks on the shuffle. God this coffee is good.

*There’s no home for you here, The White Stripes

So, the idea is to go out for a photo walk this morning in place of my bike ride. Blistering cold out , 34?F!

*My Mathematical Mind, Spoon

Camera – check. Full of coffee and Kashi – check. Sunrise, 7:15a – check. Stocking cap – check.

DSC 0001 1024x676  Live blogging my morning, one song at a time…

Time to freeze. Bye now.

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