The life aquatic

It all started out with a five gallon starter tank and a Betta named Nimh. After a week Nimh died (so typical of Bettas) and we immediately repopulated the tank with three Serpae tetra. At this point I bought more accessories and a ten gallon tank. I  wanted our fish to be happy and have the option to spread out even though they tend to stick together.

Yesterday’s addition of three Cardinal tetra and a Cory now has me thinking twenty gallons or fifty. I see a pattern developing. The  aquariums at Pet Smart come in all different sizes. Quaint villages, the suburbs (biOrb Life) and major metropolises.  I’m starting to think along the lines of perhaps – EMPIRE.

I also bought two easy drop-in plastic plants (creates instant interest!), two aquarium light bulbs tinted blue to bring out fluorescent highlights and a small Balinese lantern aquarium ornament. You know, so the fish could feel more, exotic.

I think I’ve created a nice little community of fish with a touch of the bucolic Far East. I am obviously quite pleased.

No names for the fish yet. That being the only disappointment. My inability to name fish. There are two groups. I’ve settled on gang names. The Cardinal tetras being “The Jets” and the Serpae tetras being “The Sharks”.

West Side Story:

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My aquarium

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