Burial at sea or the next best thing

Last night I came home to discover that my three Cardinal Tetras were, well, um – power filtered. A full cleaning of the aquarium was the least I could do in hopes of erasing the trauma that my other fish must have suffered. Of course I feel badly about what happened to the Tetras (they were the Jets, perhaps The Sharks had something to do with this?) but that’s what happens when you sleep as a group under the device called THE POWER FILTER.

I also learned that I find the idea of laying a fish to rest in the ground is completely taboo to me. The fish does not wish to return to the Earth. It’s home is in the water. He wishes to return to the ocean (I think). I went as far to tell a co-worker that if you bury a fish in the ground how is he to cross the River Styx and enter into the Underworld? Walk? Also, I’m not sure why the fish afterlife would necessarily default to the Underworld but I really can’t see any harm in it. This is how my mind works.

A fitting tribute:

“Oceania” by Bjork

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