That’s a lot of snow

More snow than I could ever care for. When I look at all of the snow around me I feel myself separate into two. There’s one of me that somehow falls back into the summer while the other trudges forth into cruel winter. A fanciful thought because of course, we all know that there’s only going forward. Stupid space-time continuum.

The one saving grace of winter is Christmas. I am looking forward to time spent with family and friends. Rhen gets a huge pile of toys and that’s a lot of fun to watch. Nothing beats a child’s excitement for Christmas. Ask any kid – it’s serious stuff. I’ve learned that by the time a kid reaches the age of four that you do not make idle threats of Santa bringing coal  because someone didn’t eat his carrots. Once again, Santa is serious stuff. C_ had written to “Santa” on behalf of Rhen this year and in return Rhen received a certificate from Ms. Claus (Santa’s secretary?) that he was, indeed, OFFICIALLY on the “good list”. Rhen showed me the document when I got home from work and I could easily see the relief on his face. It said, “Yep. This Christmas is in the bag. I’ve got it. No worries from here on out.”

I’ve noticed that a lot of our family photos are from Christmas. For example:

familyscan013  That’s a lot of snow
I remember this slide. I refused to move from it that night.

And of course, my mom, who works so hard to put together Christmas for us every year. Even the Christmas she made us read bad holiday poetry.

familyscan024 999x1024  That’s a lot of snow
Diggin' Christmas back in the day.

2 thoughts on “That’s a lot of snow”

  1. 1. Grandma had one handsome tree there.
    2. That bad poetry=attempt to revise history, not necessarily a bad thing when done by those not affiliated with Republicans.
    3. If coal in the stocking doesn’t scare ’em, try the board with a nail in it…

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