In the distal future!

I find that there really isn’t a whole lot to say after the holidays. Connections have been made (I haven’t seen you in FOREVER) and talks have been held so really, what else is there to say?

I have two cavities. Each on opposite distal bicuspids on the lower arch. I asked Amy Jo what “distal” meant and she was like, “On the far end”. It was totally the best part of the appointment. I really do like my dental hygienist. We talk a lot about movies (she lets me talk).  Anyway – the cavities will be filled in March (the dentist is way booked) in two separate appointments. They don’t like to numb the entire lower jaw since the two cavities are on opposite sides. I look forward to it because Dr. Stewart makes the meanest cocktail of Novocaine. I don’t know what else she puts in it but it sure is fun (although the drive home tends to be problematic).

Photographically, I am looking forward to two things:

1) shooting with Kodalith

2) developing my very own black and white negatives. I have the chemistry.

I’ve pretty much dried up on shooting digital with the exception of C_ flipping her hair around. Those photos generate money for some reason or other. I should get back in the habit of digital photography but it’s just not that exciting. Perhaps I need a new lens.

Other areas of interest include:

1) first shooter video games (shooting Nazis never ever gets old)

2) Wii bowling after dinner with my family (we’re pretty good)

3) my aquarium (something unspeakable happened to one of the mixed fruit tetras and it remains a total mystery – all I found was its spine)

4) cleaning the kitchen (a clean kitchen is essential to good living)

5) thinking about skateboarding

6) thinking about the 80s

7) thinking about summer

All of these are very good things to have and think about. 2010 is looking to be a very good year. In February I will be coming up on 1 year of non-smoking life. It is the best I have felt since the day before I took up smoking. I have my energy back and my mind. It’s like, being a kid again. Sort of. But with responsibilities, that can sometimes suck.

familyscan011 e1263043967595  In the distal future!
In the distal past...

4 thoughts on “In the distal future!”

  1. I also started out 2010 with 2 cavities. One filled and one to go. I’m excited and happy for your 1 year anniversary as a nonsmoker in February! Good on you! I also really like the hair flip photo. I’d call it iconic ~ does that work? Pat and I were talking about what a really good photographer can do with a really good camera and a really good subject and that shot was my example. I’m happy to know you, Teddy.

  2. Great post Teddy. I started the year off at the dentist as well. Also tried Wii bowling at Christmas and it surprised me how much I enjoyed it. I really cannot wait to see your home-developed b&w’s.

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