Weekend update

WordPress doesn’t update it’s software like, every 3 weeks like it use to. I miss that more than I want to admit. All is very well when things need to be upgraded, improved and clicked upon.

So, I’ve been shooting a large volume of film lately. Processing it too! I’m a real photographer now! I think I have a decent system for development. The only problem is warming up the water from the basement tap. I use a hose and point it toward the floor drain but that method causes a lot of floor splash which is unsightly and plain messy. I think the only solution is a utility sink. At that point, I might as well just go for the whole deal and set up a real darkroom.

I will also be able to develop color film soon. I’d like to thank anyone who is following on my Flickr account for bearing with me on my large posts of black and white photos. It’s about me, not you. The exhibit has long been closed.

Let’s see, what else?

Oh yes! Big ass fish tank purchased. Well, big ass for me. It’s a 37 gallon tank. I have three fancy goldfish in it (Firecracker, Squirt and Buffy) and one Plecostomus. Nothing makes me feel more like an aquarist when I say Plecostomus! Actually, it’s an Albino Plecostomus. Ugly mother, but essential. He eats crap and algae. We haven’t named it. The tropical fish in my 10 gallon continue to flourish and no unspeakable acts have occurred. They are a happy tribe.

So that is my news! Film and fish.

2 thoughts on “Weekend update”

  1. Everybody loves the plecostumus
    nobody bothers him
    He eats all the shit that grows in the tank
    while the other fish just swim
    But someday when the food’s all gone
    the other fish will die but plecostumus lives on!
    Everybody loves the plecostumus cause he’s the greatest fish there is!

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