This sick interlude, with all of my heart

I’m crappy sick. Nothing horrible or emergency room inducing but crappy enough to complain about it. On a blog, nonetheless. On my way down to the kitchen to find my cough drops (lemon honey) I found C_ looking at our new license plates for the Camry. She pointed out that it no longer simply says “Minnesota” on the top part of the plate that designate your vehicle’s state license but “”. Excuse me/ I hate having an opinion on this one but I’m sorry, I do not drive my vehicle in the state of MINNESOTA.COM. Yet as I write this I am fighting an incredible urge to visit Well played Minnesota. Well played. Hopefully it will put money in the state coffers. We are running a bit low on funds as of late.

Other news in my life is the “My Gr8 Skateboard Video” I’m working on. I already have completed two sequences and am quite pleased with it. Being sick (and the effing rain) is not lending to its completion though. I have about a month left before the threat of snow becomes very real. Snow sucks and winter sucks. I may be very well visiting an indoor skate park this winter. Or California. I hate the fact that I even brought it up but there is a video coming! I put up a promo below this post.

Other than an ass kicking cold, everything is just great. The fish are good, the dog is good, and my lovely wife and brilliant child are good too. Everything is good good good.

Except for that “” license plate. Seriously.

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