Put myself up to it

The neighbors across the street have their Halloween decorations up and it is looking pretty awesome. A sure sign that autumn is underway and that winter is regrettably and undeniably around the corner. My relationship with fall is love/hate. I mean, seriously, step outside during the middle of October and have your mind continually blown by the colors, smells and texture of the air. In the midst of this seasonal splendor a sense of fatalism sets in and I start to think of shoveling the driveway clear of snow while listening to the Beach Boy’s “Good Vibrations” in a manner that is both tragic and beautiful. I am faraway during this moment and I wish I could take a picture of it

But now is the hurried time to flip skateboards and grind trucks. The end days are upon the skateboarding season and I should go for broke.

But I’m not feeling it. I took my lumps this summer. Three times I sprained my ankle. Countless abrasions. Two really, really bad bails. One of those two that had actually scared me and the family at the levee that saw it.

Or the time I lost my balance on a tail slide at Silver Lake and landed hard on my back and put a nasty lump on my thigh.

And of course, the tragic suicide at the Silver Lake Skate Park. So sad. Mourners still come while I skate the park during my lunch break.

I have my sights set on three targets for the end of the skateboard season. The old middle school west building stair case. The science building’s west stair case and the Winona levee’s gap near the ice cream shop. I should take a week off. Just to find my footing and get it down on video. I think I’d do that levee gap (it’s a big one, but not impossible – I think I have the ability) if someone were doing the video. Put myself up to it.

So anyway, this is now –

Photo on 2010 10 09 at 21 32 2  Put myself up to it

It’s been a great day. The weather is wonderful. I have the best family ever. And more good stuff is to come. I am 37 years old. I will soon be 38- I cannot wait. This is just the beginning.

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