Do over

Yesterday I awoke to a completely backed up kitchen drain (it had been slow but not stopped) that ended in replacing the entire drain trap and connecting plumbing. Let me tell you – PVC pipe cement is not to be messed with! After the innocent slaughter of millions of brain cells I decided I had the wrong fitting to finish the connection (haha, PVC pipe cement fail). Driving to Menard’s was not an option considering the level of highness I had attained from the cement so I wandered into Ace Hardware which is only a few blocks away and thought, “I now know why huffing is popularz with the KIDZZZZZZ. WEEEEEEEEEE!” I found my PVC piece and went back home to finish the job. The new drain trap installed and four bottles of Drain-O fixed the problem. RIP Sunday’s brain cells. Godspeed.

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