We had Bugs, they have SpongeBob

I didn’t plan to wake up this fine Saturday morning and write a comparison between Bugs Bunny and SpongeBob SquarePants but it seems that is the road I am heading down. Regardless of the similarities and differences, SpongeBob is king in our house and when Rhen and I went downstairs to turn on SpongeBob this morning and found it was not on (hard to believe since it usually runs in 8 hour blocks on Nickelodeon) the disappointment in front of the TV was palpable.

And that’s when the Roku comes into play. A device that allows video streaming onto your television. Netflix is the default channel on our Roku box but there are other options too. Needless to say, SpongeBob is always available in our house. And to steal a line from Mr. Hornsby, that’s just the way it is.

Anyway my  kid is totally freaking out about Halloween right now. He just screamed, “BUT IT IS HALLOWEEN”. Sorry, not until tomorrow champ even though the celebrations about town have started today. Tonight the bar down the street will have Halloween karaoke going full blast which is always amusing. I don’t smoke anymore so it is unlikely I will go outside to hear the festivities but maybe I’ll make a special trip out just to hear “Werewolves of London” or “White Wedding”.  Perhaps I will even see some people in the spirit of the holiday. For an amusing read on how different age groups celebrate Halloween read this:


Happy Halloweeny folks.

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