The Air That I Breathe

So for the past week it has been nothing but The Virgin Suicides. The book, the movie and the fabulous soundtrack. I’m not even sure how it got started. Maybe I saw a picture. Nonetheless, the week has been full of VS stunts and dedication. Like how today I listened to both soundtracks, continuously, for what I think was 8 hours straight. And last week when I drove through one of Winona’s older subdivisions from the late 6os/early 70s, looking for that VS quality in the homes and thinking how I will do a photo series in that subdivision this summer when it’s warm and green.

The book and the movie followed each other faithfully. A few things were changed out of practicality. Nothing drastic. Of course the book offers a deeper look into the lives of the Lisbon girls while the movie is just deadly gorgeous. Once again, if you care to get the low down check out the wiki.

Currently streaming on Netflix for you viewing enjoyment.

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