Currently reading, again

That’s not entirely true – I do read often. Just not books, lately. Every possible bit of internet activity requires some reading, of course. I mean, life. I’m not a big fan of YouTube so you can’t fault me there. Regardless, three books I have read (and currently reading) this past year. All three are gold.

1) American Psycho – America’s favorite affluent and affable psychopath. Patrick Bateman is just trying to fit in. Delusional? Maybe. Either way you’re gonna cringe, squirm and laugh your way through this. BTW – don’t feel bad for laughing, you’re still free to laugh at fictional murder.

2) The Mayflies – Penned by my college friend Sara Veglahn. Beautifully written and haunting. Each page was a treat. Really though, the descriptions of the river- just so familiar.

3) The Summer He Didn’t Die – Currently reading. A gift from my best childhood friend. My favorite line out of the book so far, “It’s always darkest before it gets darker.”

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