Unnoticeable time

Not much left of this year and it amazingly still feels like March. Oh, but the growth we’ve experienced.

I suppose if I have to take a small snapshot of where I am at it would look like this – in list form, and oh, what the heck, a picture too.

  1. Drawing
  2. Skateboarding
  3. Fishing (had an exceptional two weeks of Walleye fishing this year)
  4. Avoiding COVID-19
  5. Drums! Who would’ve thought I’d ever pick up the sticks again? It’s fun.
  6. Reading. Although I haven’t done as much as I’d like to. I blame the pandemic.
  7. Walking our dog (Bishop)
  8. Watching old movies

I suppose that is where I will leave off this year. I doubt I’ll be back for the rest of 2020. Above is a photo where I think I wore pigtails for like 2 weeks to everyone’s dismay and confusion. I wore them until I didn’t want to anymore. It may have been the only thing that felt right all year.