Welcome back to Boogey Concussionland located on Whiplash and Vine

It’s not like I try to do these things but front board slides are the great equalizer in skateboarding and apparently I’m dead set on being equalized. Resolved. I feel like this is my month of retrograde and when I woke up this morning and C_ told me that today was going to be better I said, “But hoooooowwwwwwww.” Anyway after readmission into Boogey Concussionland I walked home in the rain on Whiplash and Vine feeling sad and dissociative. I felt like I could walk through a wall. It wasn’t that bad of a whack even. Just the stupid whiplash is what really bums me out. It’s the feeling of rigor mortis setting in and morbidity. Enjoy your early onset disability. It’s in everyone’s future.

Here’s what I look like after I hit my head. I always think these photos look kind of funny so I like to take them. Also I apologize to Torre because I hugged him in the skate shop before I left and I know how much he hates people.

RIP Bob Saget 1956-2022. You were a ripper and a beast.