Lost: LaFleur (season 5, episode 8)

I’m not a big fan of Sawyer-centric episodes but this one worked for me because it reveals more history of the island (our number one star!).

I think the Dharma Initiative stuff just writes itself. As we watched last night I said  to C_, “If I had everyone I loved with me and I was stranded on the island? Why would I ever want to go back to Minnesota?” It really does beg the question. What is wrong with these people?

Oh and the private meeting between Alpert and Sawyer? Top shelf.

Favorite characters:

Juliet! So so so much hotter than Kate.

Young Charlotte! Less annoying! Cuter!

Lost: This Place is Death (season 5, episode 5)

So, this pretty much means that Daniel Faraday is Jacob?  I still really like the island skipping through time. It will be a pity to see it go away when Locke fixes it.

Favorite characters:

Daniel Faraday. He’s just so boss. Talks in a low voice. Physicist. What’s not to love?

Young Danielle Rousseau – All pregnant and crazy. I love how she gets the drop on her lover. His gun goes “click” and her gun goes “BAM!” Ah, French lovers always shooting each other dead on deserted islands.

and of course, Juliet!

Lost: Jughead (season 5, episode 2)

The “Jughead” episode is pretty high up on the scale of favorite Lost episodes. The island skipping through time has become a nice mechanism to reveal the island’s history. Charles Whidmore as a young soldier punk in the 50s! Once again, the island becomes the central character. Finally. And it totally made up for the 50 minutes of Penny throwing a huge wife fit all over Desmond’s shit about finding Faraday’s mom.

Favorite characters of this episode? Glad you asked. In list form:

Daniel Faraday – I want to talk in his low measured voice all day long. I need to disarm a bomb. Talking low and measured is how you do it. Do not underestimate this dark horse!

Young Charles Whidmore – He speaks Latin! All the Others speak Latin! How cool is that?

and of course, Juliet, who also speak Latin!

The episode in which Charlie dies

Hey hey Charlie really does die by the end of the season finale of Lost. His website even says so. Drowns just like Des had seen in his vision.

Well, what can you really say? Forwardflashes. I’m not sure if we will see anymore backflashes.

I still like Ben. He does such a great job. I like Ben because he believes in the island and wants to protect it at any cost. Funny enough, you come to the conclusion that the Losties are gonna suck without the island. Seriously. It would be like coming off of the biggest adrenaline rush in your life. Ben is right too. What do they have to go back to? Nothing. Shattered lives. So the twist really isn’t making contact with the outside but realizing they’re miserable off of the island.

Really splendid episode. Too bad we have to wait until February for the next season. Bah.

Favorite part: Charlie giving his last message to Desmond written on his hand with a Sharpie as the water flooded the compartment, “Not Penny’s boat”.  That was the best.

The Episode of Lost in which Charlie prepares to die but doesn’t–yet.

It was a run-up episode to the grand spectacular season finale. Getting all the players in place for things to get all blowed up because everything is gonna CHANGE!

Anyways. Pretty tight episode. I actually liked Charlie again. Lovable little Lost hobbit dude.

So, I’m pretty sure someone is going to screw the Losties over next week. I think it is Juliet or Jack.

Favorite part of the episode: When Hurley yells “WHOOOA!” when Billy or whatever that Clockwork Orange kid’s name pulls the gun out and gives it to Jack.

Hey. Did the gals in “The Looking Glass” have Dharma Initiative suits on? That would be interesting.

Once again, ladies and gentlemen – John Locke. Sucka.

Boy, you can’t beat an episode that is Ben-centric, explains a lot about the origins of the island and ends with prattling smug holy island boy John Locke in a pit of decomposed bodies with a bullet in his gut.

Haha. Hi Mom. It’s a television show.

Dare I say? Best episode ever?

But I’m not sure about all this Jacob business.  Interestingly enough in the Bible, Jacob loses his wife to the birth of his son, Benjamin. The Lost writers certainly love their Bible.

Big grand finale on the way!

Best moment of the show:

Watching the squeaky clean Dharma Initiative camp operate. Isn’t it strange that the guy young Ben met out in the woods hasn’t aged a bit?

The Episode of Lost in which Teddy has a big freakin’ allergy attack

There was a time when I’d say to people, “I’ve grown out of my allergies. I had them when I was a kid but now I don’t.”

I’m not sure what has happened  but I’m like 12 again. I’ve grown back into my allergies. Runny nose. Itchy eyes. Sneezing. Tight chest. Basically I feel like I’ve taken a bath in cat spit.

Anyway. Once again, Locke has proved he is the biggest idiot on Lost. Actually we’re not even sure if they’re on an island anymore. I’m not buying the purgatory/hell scenario that the writers are pushing but it is a nice gesture on their part.

Favorite part of the episode:

Well, I guess I would say the previews for next week’s episode. I want to know about the island!  But if I have to choose a scene it would be Ben telling Locke, “John don’t tell what I can or cannot do.” The disgust in his voice was thick and good. Ben was definitely evil again this week. I like that.

The episode of Lost in which Sun doesn’t die

The Catch-22 reference seemed a little heavy handed for the writers of Lost but oh well, some chick did fall from the sky. I’m sure they had a lot to think about. Subtleties seemed to be secondary in this week’s episode.

My theories on this week’s show:

The gal who dropped out of the sky. She’s an Other. Recognized by the Eye-patch guy. She knows a lot of languages. I suspect she came to help out The Others after Locke blew their communications pad to shit.

Juliet and Sun. I think Juliet is lying about the mothers dying on the island.

Oceanic 815 survivors are all dead. According to the chick that fell from the sky. She’s lying about that because she’s an Other!

Favorite part of the show: Hurley pretending to call his mom on the fancy satellite phone.