Jack and Diane

Is it just me? I think Jack and Locke are like, the bitchiest married couple ever on television.

Lost pretty much ruled, but I’d have to say the previews for next week’s episode kicked the shit out of tonight’s show. Anytime hatches start going fully automated and locking down I’m hooked. Oh yeah, and it appears that they find Henry Gale’s hot air balloon. Yikes!

Let’s blog LOST tonight, okay? Let’s go, now.

Finishing up Fox’s mega karoke show, American Idol. Six minutes until LOST starts (CST). BIG WARNING. This post won’t make any any sense whatsover if you don’t watch the ABC show, LOST.

I’m hoping for some big reveals tonight. The major plotline tonight is going back into the two weeks Claire was abducted. Apparently, the island’s resident psychologist can bring back lost memories through some sort of hypnosis and therapy. I’m just giddy with excitement. First time blogging a show real time. I’ll post updates during the commercial breaks. We’re on the verge people.

Commercial break one:

Claire’s baby has a fever and Locke goes off to find Jack for help. While Locke is gone, guess who shows up? Crazy French woman. Tells Claire that the baby is infected. A weird flashback happens that gives me freakin’ chills. Hypodermics and a lab. Eeeek!

Commerical break two (screw the commerical breaks, I’m just updating when I feel it–BANK!)

It’s evening, Dr. Jack reassures Claire everything is just fine. No island infection. Let it run it’s course. Oooh, back to the captured Other. Awesome I was really hoping they’d pick up this storyline, again. Okay, going back into Claire’s past. Here it comes people.

WTF? Ethan was Claire’s doctor in Australia or was this on the island?? I’m going with Australia–Ethan’s hair looks different. More put together. So, the coincidences grow, right Heather?

So, Claire is convinced this appointment with Ethan happened on the island, and that Aaron is very sick from the island. She’s sure of it. Man, Charlie should of never capped Ethan. Crazy. Okay, this is insane. I’m sure none of this is making sense, but are those little planes, little Oceanic planes? Claire is back in the office with Ethan and shown a room for her baby. Ethan tells her she can turn on the mobile over the crib. Ethan is interrupted by an Other. Looks like the boss from Jack and Locke’s encounter in the jungle. Something wasn’t done right. So, are the Others all that bad? Hmm. I’m starting to agree with Rachel on the big social experiment.

Rosseau is taking Claire and Kate back to the room she had the appointment. But apparently she doesn’t know. Christi just asked a valid question, why wouldn’t Rosseau kills herself already? She has a gun. Hmmm, Rosseau, another philosopher.

Okay, what is up with the vaccine? Theory proposed, the world is infected and the island is a refuge, and the inhabitants are building a Noah’s ark?

Oh my, Claire just found big old bunker doors with the Dharma symbol on it. Off they go now, into the hatch. Place looks abandoned. Maybe something has gone terribly wrong for the Others, remember how shaggy and nasty the Other’s leader looked the first time? In the flashback he was looking dressed and coiffed.

So, the young teenage girl helps Claire out of the bunker. Rosseau carries her back to her camp after knocking her out cold with the butt of her rifle. A good question would be how does Rosseau connect with the Others? Obviously, they took her child too. Ah, so Rosseau’s daughter helped Claire escape. They’ve been on that island for so long.

So my new questions:

What is the infection?

Why does Eco confess to the prisoner and cut off his beard dreads? Good God.

Crafty sneaky captured Other sowing doubt and discord from his cell. Oh man, this guy is bad. Real bad news.

Hopefully, this will help answer some question when I look back on it this week. Often times, I forget the details of the show and when it comes to discussion, I mix things up. So, I know Rachel and Heather read this blog for LOST. What do you think?

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Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold

Tonight we learned that on LOST that you don’t get to beat a man down into the surf without retribution. You also don’t steal someone’s beer or shaving cream while they’re off on a cruise.

I’ll admit, when the show started I was a tad disappointed when the dreamy vacuum noise started and we went back into Sawyer’s past. Yeah, yeah he’s a loser con-artist. We know. Let’s move on to the medicine man, or bald mystic.

Boy, I was conned.

You know, the show is still about them, not so much The Others. Still, I’m perplexed at this point (who wouldn’t be).

1. Nasty cloud of black smoke chasing people around island. I’d love to hear ideas on that one.

2. The Others. I’m not sure if they’re even all that bad. Part of the project? And where is Desmond? I can’t wait until he pops up again.

I still think the most enjoyable part of the show is the interaction between the survivors. Interesting little glimpses into society. I had to smile after the show when C_ said to me, “Sawyer had a bad childhood. That would mess anyone up. He doesn’t know.” I couldn’t help but agree.

John Locke Watch

Well, Snook seems more stoned than usual this morning.

Last night’s episode of LOST solidified my theory that John Locke is definitely with The Others. First off, they’ve put that creepy atmosphere around him again (when he was watching Charlie go baptism nutsie). It reminded me exactly of the beginning of the first season when it was like, “Whatcha thinking, Locke?” Secondly, at the end of the show, what’s John doing changing the lock combination again on the gun cabinet, and storing the heroin? Finally, in the scenes for next week, it appears all hell breaks loose with The Others. Case in point would be Jack screaming at Locke about moving the guns, but scenes can be so misleading.

Poor Charlie. Everyone thinks he’s a doper again. He also had a lousy brother.

The baptism scene with Eko, Claire and Aaron was very beautiful. Once again, LOST has it in full swing.

LOST recap

Man, I still can’t believe they capped Shannon last night. Although, I didn’t think her storyline was going anywhere. She seemed like the most logical character to sacrifice for a ratings boost. Did you catch that Xbox 360 commercial (When the Teddy Bears Have Their Picnic)? Cray–zee. It has all these kids running around throwing water ballons at each other with that crazy song playing in the background. It should win an award of some sorts. Screw it, with a couple of exceptions (The Life Aquatic), it was the best cinematic experience I had this year. I won’t buy an Xbox, but the commercial makes me love geeky gamers even more.

Anyways, this was supposed to be a post about LOST. See, my theory, is that The Others don’t exist (actually they do exist). What’s up with the voices? It’s all a part of the experiment.

Oh, don’t worry about missing the deleted scene, not much there, just a quick icy scene between Shannon and her stepmother getting food ready for the wake. Apparently they didn’t like each other.

I’m excited to see the story of the people in the tail end of the plan next week but I’m also a little annoyed by this move, because I have so much invested in the characters, that I don’t really want to learn about these other people. They suck but apparently, they landed on the wrong side of the island, had it a bit rougher going than the survivors in the front end of the plane.

So, is Walt dead?