Skater Type

A gallery of skateboarder portraits taken with various instant cameras at local skateparks in Minnesota. The name of the skateboarder and the location is typed onto the instant photo with a Smith Corona Coronet Electric 12 typewriter.  Each piece becomes an indelible moment in time when the two analog processes are joined together. Portraits are currently from spring and summer 2018.

Big fun

Experimenting with film cameras as of late – mostly 35mm. I’ve been using a Polaroid 210, Minolta x-700 and the school’s Pentax. Also picked up a bunch of expired bulk film which of course needs a bulk film loader, happily purchased for $5 on eBay. The Minolta (50mm lens) is loaded with Portra 160 NC. It’s a C-41 color negative film which I’m excited to use because any photo lab should be able to develop as oppposed to the obsolete E6 process for slide film that you have to send to KANSAS.  Jeez. Anyway, enough big fun film nerdery. Here’s the list:

Laura, Charlie Parker

Kate, Ben Folds Five

Styrofoam Plates, Death Cab for Cutie

Jambalaya (on the bayou), Hank Williams

Fly Me to the Moon, Frank Sinatra

Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk, Rufus Wainwright

I Know, Kevin Long