Sitting here, drinking coffee

Last night I dreamed that all my friends from Flickr came to town. You were there too. We all sat on the curb in front of the historical society with our cameras ready to photograph a Russian bride. A man with a top hat came out and introduced her. He had a ridiculous looking camera that he furiously wound up as he talked.

Then the bride came out. She was breathtaking. Her gown was cream and articulated with pearls and lace. Her lips were painted a bright red.

We snapped photos like mad. We clapped and cheered. Accordions groaned and cymbals crashed in the pale light. The air stank of beer. I took a picture of a midget child dancing with ballons.

And then they were gone.

It was all so clear. The doves taking flight in front of the bride. The dancing, the dress and the wedding party and the fall leaves scraping on the bricked street.

10 Things

red phone

It’s no secret that 10 Things is kind of a girl thing. Not really a dude thing. That’s why we are pleased to present our first contribution from a boy, Teddy Wieczorek, better known to the interweb as tedfoo. Even better, Teddy is not your average Suzy Sunshine. “I am not a very thankful person,� says he. We thought we could prove him wrong.

Find the website here:

Yeah, I apologize to all 48 of you

I’ve been away from my site, and for that I apologize, to all 48 (unique page views on of you this month. I’ve been over at this site. Posting pictures on my Flickr account. I’m slightly addicted. There is a plenty of good photography though to be found so I recommend you check it out. They do have free accounts so, join up and share your photos!

Everything is good here. Rhen has his last swim lesson tomorrow. C. and I are excited about it. I’m hoping he receives a certificate showing his proficiency in the “Shrimp and Kippers” swim course. Actually, Rhen isn’t interested in water, at all. He’s more about the toys.

I have the weekend off and for this I’m very happy.

Touch the Sky

Yesterday I participated in the Flickr group, SEE THE SKY ON THE FIRST DAY OF OCTOBER 2005. The idea was to shoot one picture of the sky (only sky) and tag it with city, state, country, time you took the photo and post it to Flickr. It’s interesting to point your lens toward the sky and think, “All I’m gonna do is take a picture of the sky.” I found it satisfying and enjoyable talking to people from around the world who all looked upward at least once during the day.