Our quiet day at home

Quite a strange Independence Day here. Today’s agenda called for fun and games with C_’s sister and kids at a State park. Nix that. Rhen didn’t feel well and then proceded to run a high fever. Later in the day I took his temperature. The thermometer reached 101 before Rhen demanded that I remove it from his armpit. I’m guessing it would’ve landed around 102 or 103. That’s Fahrenheit by the way. Of course, of course.

The rest of the day was sort of like the ghost. We drifted through rooms, quietly. Tending to our sick little bird. C_ ran for groceries while Rhen and I watched some Curious George DVDs together. We tried to take a nap in the afternoon. I fell asleep for 15 minutes. After I woke up I stared out the window for about an hour before getting up. I went downstairs and ate 3 popsicles while surfing the internet.

At this point C_  was on sick duty with Rhen. He demanded her. After a few hours of caretaking C_ finally decided it would be best if she went to bed with him. As C_ brushed her teeth and washed her face I laid in bed with Rhen while he ate a piece of plain bread and took sips of his Sprite. He spoke quietly and politely.

More bread, please. More Sprite, please.

He finished eating and sighed. Called for Momma in his quiet voice. C_ came into the dark room and laid next to us. I gave Rhen a kiss on his head, apologized and quietly left the room.

Quiet in the house

Last night I dreamed that little bugs had burrowed underneath my skin and I could see them crawling up my arm. I’ve had a string of disturbed dreams for the past week. Relief is one of the most common emotions I feel upon waking.

A fine cup of coffee for this fine morning. Quiet in the house. Occasionally glancing over at a Polaroid of Rhen.

I have turned off the heat, finally. Probably will have to turn the whole business back on later in the week. Lower 60s for the highs. Spring just really can’t latch on to anything. Sunday looks to be the worse by far, topping off at a paltry 51 degrees Fahrenheit.

What else here? The end of the semester is upon us. Students are panicking busy writing papers and studying. The eleventh hour constantly chimes in our library.

Well, I’m C_’s alarm clock. Time for me to go upstairs and chime.

I never said I was the brains of this marriage

It’s funny because a week ago Miles (our dog) had some sort of weird episode or spell in the hallway to which I loudly exclaimed, (not gleefully) “He’s dying!” I was promptly answered with a “He’s not dying.”

C_ and I recalled this story yesterday as we ate Ritz crackers and cheese with our son for lunch before turning in for the afternoon nap. Rhen’s party packed a bit of hangover (for me at least) but it had nothing to do with the quantity of beer I drank but more with the quality. I buy locally and for this I pay the price. The beer is always old. Sort of stale. If I buy it from the big huge mongo corporate grocery store the beer is fresh and actually colder, better tasting too.

18tedfoo  I never said I was the brains of this marriage

Anyways, thank you everyone for being our guest and giving Rhen such great presents! Friends and family sending stuff in the mail we thank you and hug you freely for your warm delivery via the USP. We appreciate it and thank you, kindly.


We have made considerable progress with Rhen. It’s official. He can now say, “Dude”.  He also waves his hands above his head when I sing, “Hip-hop Hooray! Hooo! Heeey! Hooo!”

Tears for Fears

Rhen survived his first day of daycare pretty much intact. There were some tears on both sides of the fence but we fought them back being stoic Minnesotans. He got along pretty well with one of the providers whom I’ll simply call ‘J’.

At the end of each day we will receive a slip of paper indicating his level of interest in eating, times of diaper changes and other daycare fundamentals. We were surprised to see an extra note on the bottom stating that Rhen organized a small uprising that marched around the room with fists pumping in the air while singing , “SHOUT! SHOUT! Let it all out! These are the things I can do without!”