The Shark

So. It’s been like 10 billion years since I blogged my blog at you. I do apologize. I just got caught up elsewhere.

It reminds me of a professor I had for Intro to Western Civilization. We called him “The Shark” not because of his killer instinct. Actually, in person he was quite the opposite. Constantly holding his can of Tab to his head to cool his pounding hung over head. I had missed several days of his class and when I asked him to re-take a test he asked me where I had been. I told him I had been adrift. He looked at me curiously and exclaimed, “Ah YES! Adrift. At least you’re honest. You can take the test tomorrow.”

The Shark was a pretty miserable guy. The last couple years of his life were a testament to it. His house caught on fire and his wife died in her wheelchair trying to get out. Where was The Shark? Apparently he was leading the way out. Anyways a couple of years later he died. I think it was heart failure. He wasn’t without humor though. He once poked his head into my Historical Methods class while we were in group and traded a couple words with our professor who threw his head back with laughter as The Shark took his leave.

Our professor announced that The Shark thought that breaking into small groups was a great time waster, almost better than videotapes. He also said that The Shark called our small groups, “Little Circles of Ignorance.”

Well. You didn’t come here to listen to stories of professors. You came here for pictures of sweet adorable Rhen, right?

15tedfoo  The Shark

Rhen is doing well. We started going to an ECFE program where Rhen can mingle with kids his age and have the comfort of their parent nearby. Rhen likes to work on his own while he’s there. I told another parent the other day that if Rhen could drive the car I’m pretty sure he could do this on his own. She just gave me a weird look. So, that’s good. He needs to get out more. Eating lard and watching television all day probably isn’t the best thing for him.


Last night C_ performed a self-actualization test (scroll down a bit in the link) on Rhen while I was at work. She reported that Rhen initially touched the mirror and then touched his own nose. He’s gets a C+.

If I had been home I would asked her not to do it, not because I’m hippy mother earth let the child be free–I just think it’s a dangerous seed to plant in a parent’s head. I am mindful of Rhen’s development. No doubt. I watch him like a hawk. Screeee. But there will be plenty of tests for him to take later on in life.

Me, the 15 watt lightbulb

When I catch Rhen doing something he’s not supposed to do (like pounding on the DVD player or kicking the dog) he purposely looks in the opposite direction and points to something totally unrelated and proclaims loudly and sternly, “DAH! DaaAAAH!”

It’s cute but it’s basically the equivalent of someone yelling “Oh look! Britney Spears! In a balloon, naked!” while stealing your (insert prized possession).