From content to thoroughly bored

Ugh. Rhen and I have hit a brick wall today. Crappy weather outside, so we skipped our big walk and it has thrown our whole matrix off. I suppose I could bundle him up and ship off but I’m too lazy. What I need is someone to dress him up warmly and a Little Rascal scooter so we could ride not walk down the sidewalks. I wouldn’t even care if people pointed and laughed, called out that I was a lazy slovenly poor excuse for a parent. They don’t understand. I’ve been going since five this morning. Worked late last night so I only got six hours of rest before Rhen started our day. We’ve napped or I should say Rhen napped. I almost did. We’ve watch Baby Einstein. Read books, jumped in the Jumparoo, exersaucered, did the swing, danced–yep we’ve done it all, except for our walk. Throws the matrix. Ha ha, I have the iPod on shuffle and it is playing the Nirvana song “Breed”, while Rhen is thrashing his toy tarantula. Too damn funny. How poignant. Oh, the iPod has decided on a doubleshot of Nirvana. Now we’re listening to “Lithium”. Rhen sings along, “Wawawawawawawa”. More thrashing.

Ok, I feel a little better now. I think Rhen does too.

Angel Chart

I’m starting to go through Rhen’s astrological chart ordered by Rachel . I think I have experienced enough with Rhen not to freak out when I read the line that he doesn’t play well with others or in a worst case scenario, he will star in a noir horror flick and cruelly gut some snobby fortune teller in it. It’s in the stars. Just paying back old debts. More on that later. Not that I’ve even read this about him but it’s a possibility I suppose. Anyway, I’m ready to find out what the stars have to say about my boy.

Every person is very differrent. I don’t think you would like his chart.

Looking at Rhen’s astrological chart made me think about one of my favorite movies, Angel Heart. The part in which Margaret Krusemark meets with Harry Angel to draft his astrological chart except Harry Angel gives her Johnny Favorites information. Yeah, tricky. Some interesting trivia in the Amazon link about the movie.

(Alas, how terrible is wisdom when it brings no profit to the
wise, Johnny?)