Dingo Dog

I’ve read that you’re not supposed to shave your Sheltie, on the basis that its heavy coat insulates him from the heat, keeping him cool during the hot summer months. Now I know this sounds like one of those surprise facts you learn from a handy uncle when you’re ten, but it makes about as much sense as humans throwing on a fur jacket during spring break to insulate them from the balmy weather. Before his shaver our Sheltie just seemed generally hot and pissed off. Now, he is a zesty desert dingo dog, yipping coolly.

Stupid email signatures

I’m probably just as guilty as the next. My favorite good email signature of all time is, “The seven most dreaded words in the English language — I had the strangest dream last night.” It’s good because it’s true. Nothing worse than hearing about someone’s lame fragmented dream that they can hardly remember less adequately describe. Example — So, like we we’re in this room which was like my brother’s room when he was five, but it wasn’t and it was dark and like weird, and there was someone chasing us that was scary, but not like Freddy Krueger scary more just ominous scary? Anyway, here are a bunch of annoying email signatures.

Likes lemurs and cows

Type in the title of a Liz Phair song in Google and find this interesting confessional-type page. I just wanted to see if the domain name was available and got much more. Only 25 years? You’re just starting out. 🙂 It might be a candidate for a ghost site. I don’t think so though, it looks like the domain name is used for an ‘about me’ page that isn’t updated that frequently. Hmmm, the domain expires in November of 2005…