Be careful with your vinyl records, kids

(A draft from January 23, 2009 that I never published for some reason)

My Mills Brothers 78 was pretty shot when my mom bought it for me but I still got a lot of use out of it.

We found the album over the summer hanging out with Rhen in the back room trying to stay cool. It quickly became our favorite album.

I think Rhen might of bounced it off the floor a couple of times. It’s just about cracked in half.

I’m not even sure if a 78 is technically vinyl. It is much more brittle than a 33 or 45.

Anyway, Mr. Jobs comes to the rescue and I’m instantly reunited with them within minutes of purchasing the two mp3s at the Apple music store. The 78 still plays but it is just about shot. The charming hiss and pop is more frantic now and I no longer feel comfortable putting our record player through the task of playing it.

Background information on the Mills Brothers is right here: t

Good ol’ boys

Growing up on television shows such as The Dukes of Hazzard and movies like Smokey and the Bandit one thing was made perfectly clear to me as a child- it’s OK to run from the law. I remember driving with my mother and watching a police squad car cruise by and thinking that just maybe those lights would come on one day and my mother would drop our Ford LTD into a lower gear and take off for the car chase of our lives (which would include jumping a fallen down bridge).

The commentary on my Facebook about this post was nothing short of epic.