Texas Chainsaw Massacre ages well

I do enjoy the holidays but it does take an emotional toll on a person, I’ve learned to offset it by enjoying some of the grimmest horror movies created. I mean, if I have to suffer, well then, others should suffer too. I mean, vicariously. A couple of days ago I finally watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre and boy there is some suffering to be had in that movie.

It was literally the first time I’ve ever watched this “slashic” and although I wouldn’t say it’s terrifying or even particularly gruesome (a friend suggested horror aficionados are desensitized, I don’t think that’s necessarily true) it’s just an old film. In fact, I thought it was tame and I told my wife that (who did not watch) that she had seen much worse on AMC’s Breaking Bad, the story of terminal cancer patient normie, Walter White, who enters the violent underworld of crime to make high-grade meth. A notable low point of the series, one of Walter’s henchmen kills a boy and stuffs him in an oil drum to dissolve in acid. OVER THE LINE.

Anyway, I digress. Does Texas Chainsaw Massacre hold up though? Hell yeah. It’s an absolute classic and brilliant piece of cinema that sets the bar into the heavens. TCM doesn’t strike me as horrific – it’s more bizarre and terrifyingly realistic than anything. A sonic mechanical roaring that cuts into the flesh of cinema for years to come. The last scene is so transcendent and freshly horrific that it leaves the viewer breathless.

Leatherface swinging his chainsaw during the sunset.
A Texas Sunset. Final scene.

The Appeal of Hell House LLC [spoilers!]

I watched Hell House LLC a couple of weeks ago and I liked it. I liked it so much that I finally scared myself shitless watching it enough times that I will no longer go to my basement. Period. To commemorate this accomplishment I have ordered myself a Hell House LLC hoodie like the one that Sarah wore in the movie.

Hey Surprise! I’m back again and I said I wouldn’t be. This is TWO blog posts in the same year. This is TWO blog posts in the same month. This is TOO big not TO mention. Really though, what I want to talk about is Hell House LLC and why it appealed to me so much. I’m gonna spoil the shit out of this film now. So don’t read any further if you want to see this movie. All this shit I wrote up above is just so you don’t dive right into my list of spoilers. You’ve been warned! Now here are the reasons, why I love this movie. In list form:

  1. I actually only have one reason why I love this movie and here it is- It’s just a bunch of young folks doing what they love. Creating a “haunt” and making (What’s that smell?) money, boss. Click on box to read spoiler –
    Right up until they are all violently murdered for doing what they love.
    The end. Moral of the story right there. Let that sink in folks.
Hell House LLC 2015 fanart31 1024x576  The Appeal of Hell House LLC [spoilers!]
Love these guys, ps – that’s the hoodie I’m getting!

Unnoticeable time

Not much left of this year and it amazingly still feels like March. Oh, but the growth we’ve experienced.

I suppose if I have to take a small snapshot of where I am at it would look like this – in list form, and oh, what the heck, a picture too.

  1. Drawing
  2. Skateboarding
  3. Fishing (had an exceptional two weeks of Walleye fishing this year)
  4. Avoiding COVID-19
  5. Drums! Who would’ve thought I’d ever pick up the sticks again? It’s fun.
  6. Reading. Although I haven’t done as much as I’d like to. I blame the pandemic.
  7. Walking our dog (Bishop)
  8. Watching old movies

I suppose that is where I will leave off this year. I doubt I’ll be back for the rest of 2020. Above is a photo where I think I wore pigtails for like 2 weeks to everyone’s dismay and confusion. I wore them until I didn’t want to anymore. It may have been the only thing that felt right all year.

My mirror image

Last night driving home a car of the exact same make pulled past me at the intersection of 30th Ave SE and Highway 14. It was a true black 2014 Audi A4 S Class 2.0T and inside of it was a young girl, about my height, wearing a similar Peruvian winter hat with a pom on top. She turned west onto Highway 14 and it did not suck as I turned east.

Skater Type

A gallery of skateboarder portraits taken with various instant cameras at local skateparks in Minnesota. The name of the skateboarder and the location is typed onto the instant photo with a Smith Corona Coronet Electric 12 typewriter.  Each piece becomes an indelible moment in time when the two analog processes are joined together. Portraits are currently from spring and summer 2018.