MSN Search

The new beta MSN search engine (their old one was powered by Yahoo, haha) anyways, sort of cool. It gave me some different results than Google. It has this little “Near Me” button that seems to be it’s answer to Google’s “I Feel Lucky”. It’s sort of lacking in the design department (see MSN music store) but hey, as long as it works. Google responds by nearly doubling its search engine index to 8 billion web page pages and then shrugs its shoulders and laughs. (MSN Search only searches a paltry 5 billion web pages).

Lost and Found

Rarely do the good folks at endorse a television program, but tonight we make a special exception for ABC’s drama/thriller Lost. Let’s face it folks, everything on tv nowadays is reality shite. Now I do admit, I watch Survivor and The Apprentice (out of habit) and I have picked up a little of The Rebel Billionaire last night, but my interest has pretty much been squelched by the endless bickering of contestants and the scripted production of it all. I like watching a show where writers are paid to write a compelling script and actors are paid to act and carpenters are paid to build the set and so on (all union scale of course). You see, I think reality tv is union busting in disguise. What’s a one time million dollar payout for some lucky shmoe, when the cast of Friends were asking for a million each for one episode? Small change compared to the hundreds of millions made on advertising and the sale of Survivor tribal buffs. Anyways, I really wanted to talk about Lost–it’s a good old school show. A little action, some romance, and a plot that thickens each episode. It has that guy from Party of Five and Merry from The Lord of the Rings and a bunch of other good actors. Actors who get paid for acting. Not a bunch of bitchy people locked in a house who will all suffer mental implosions when a camera is not recording every mundane thought they decide to spew out. Anyways, come back to how television was meant to be, watch Lost, on ABC, Wednesday night, 7 central.

Pick a Google fight!

I’m not using this site as directed (pick two opposite words) but I don’t see the difference. So, settle the score on the web with Googlefight! I challenged “badassmail” and was able to put the hurt on him by 7 Google hits. Everyone else I fought (swilly, focked, arthaus and aneura) opened a can of Google whupass on me. Obviously though, the other names I challenged are simply more common than ‘tedfoo’. So Googlefight is just sort of lame for picking a popularity fight on the web (see directions). However, I wouldn’t take on josienutter. I’m sure all 2680 of those hits are the result of her ruthless web presence.


I feel better already. No political ads on the television or radio. So, that is something to be happy about for the time being.

Anyways, I found this site interesting. I quote,

Almost none of the animals used in the taxidermy were killed expressly for the purpose of mounting.

Almost none is the key phrase working here, but after all they are roque taxidermists from Minnesota, so some small animals are going to be killed. My personal favorite tableau.