Pick a Google fight!

I’m not using this site as directed (pick two opposite words) but I don’t see the difference. So, settle the score on the web with Googlefight! I challenged “badassmail” and was able to put the hurt on him by 7 Google hits. Everyone else I fought (swilly, focked, arthaus and aneura) opened a can of Google whupass on me. Obviously though, the other names I challenged are simply more common than ‘tedfoo’. So Googlefight is just sort of lame for picking a popularity fight on the web (see directions). However, I wouldn’t take on josienutter. I’m sure all 2680 of those hits are the result of her ruthless web presence.


I feel better already. No political ads on the television or radio. So, that is something to be happy about for the time being.

Anyways, I found this site interesting. I quote,

Almost none of the animals used in the taxidermy were killed expressly for the purpose of mounting.

Almost none is the key phrase working here, but after all they are roque taxidermists from Minnesota, so some small animals are going to be killed. My personal favorite tableau.

Like, finally.

Tomorrow is election day. Of course you know that. Being one of the fortunate people in a “battleground” state we’ve endured a mind numbing amount of political ads, so one of the good things, regardless of who wins, all that will stop. Ugh. I’m sick of switching channels when a Bush ad comes on. Some are worse than others.

I’ve talked to a lot of people who will vote and a few who will not. One person told me that he didn’t see the point of it, he said either we are going to elect a “douche bag” or a “turd”. He didn’t clarify which candidate he was specifically referring to in those terms, but I think I have an idea. The other person probably doesn’t know what an election is…

Well, get out and vote or don’t.

Celery and falling bloomers

Man, if you can do one thing and do it well, repeat as many times necessary. Art Frahm was a master pin-up artist specializing in women with panties falling down while carrying a bag of groceries with prominently displayed celery. The guy loved his women in distress and his celery! Now I’ll admit that when I first found Art’s work I did not notice the celery in just about every drawing, my eye was drawn to the action below, but after awhile the celery is impossible to miss. A Google search on Art and celery yielded interesting results. There is so much more going on here, it’s just weird. It also proves that people were just as messed up in the 50s as they are now. One website takes a closer look.

(Nasty celery!)