Likes lemurs and cows

Type in the title of a Liz Phair song in Google and find this interesting confessional-type page. I just wanted to see if the domain name was available and got much more. Only 25 years? You’re just starting out. 🙂 It might be a candidate for a ghost site. I don’t think so though, it looks like the domain name is used for an ‘about me’ page that isn’t updated that frequently. Hmmm, the domain expires in November of 2005…

Your vote does matter!

Nothing worse than doing something you don’t understand. Learn all about voting for the Prez at this informative and easy to understand website. Need more? “Votemaster” knows all, see the current lay of the land here, politically speaking. Biased? Apparently, votemaster has, “bent over backwards to be scrupulously honest about all the numbers” despite his political preference. And that is all I’m saying about the upcoming election. Just vote. Ok? Oooh, I feel like pdiddy now. by being all forceful and Mtv-ish about it.