A magical television station

It’s called Playhouse Disney and it has come to me in my most dire hour of need. If The Wiggles is fine Columbian cocaine to toddlers (haha, I can’t wait to see my search queries in a couple months) then Playhouse Disney is a toddler’s cyrstal meth. It doesn’t make any sense. It’s cheap and definitely not organic.

For example, we just watched a “music video” called Happy Lemons. Now a blob of yellow is hopping around talking about meeting Stanley. But Rhen is bopping his head to the crappy psuedo-reggae world music that seems to introduce every child’s program and I can surf the internet. Both lost in our screens, content in our postmodern world.

3 thoughts on “A magical television station”

  1. Thursday morning Higgleytown Heros had “Captain Sea with his Salton Sea Secrets.” I am completely serious.

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