Reel around the fountain

Pretty much every morning I wake up I will have a song in my head. Sometimes I sing it. Sometimes I don’t. C_ thinks it is quite incredible to be so singy and chipper each morning. It has gotten to the point where Rhen is starting to make commentary. Obviously, C_ isn’t much of a morning person. Rhen seems like a morning person but he doesn’t enjoy it, yet.

Songs vary. Who knows why. It’s like subconscious Bingo. I don’t even care to know why. This morning’s song wasn’t a singer, but it was a hummer – Binary Sunset by John Williams of Star Wars fame. You know, the part when Luke is on Tatooine looking awesomely heroic while the sun goes down?

Update – Just in case you forgot, except for Leah 🙂

While this sleepy town sleeps I feverishly blog my thoughts

My pants are in strong disagreement with my underwear this morning. That’s okay, I guess.

The official count from the weekend’s snow storm ended up being like, 31 inches. I’ll admit. I am completely responsible for this awesome display of old school winter. Children have been periodically stopping by to thank me for Monday’s snow day. What can I say? I do it for the kids.

What else do I have here? I have a couple clippings from Dwell magazine of Herman Miller furniture next to my laptop. Someone in this house wants a fancy chair that will cost approximately a third of an entire paycheck. Understandbly this item can be ordered at . With free shipping! it can be ordered at totally-said-with-a-straight face, Because at some point in your life you will need a tea trolley.

I’d like to give a big Mtv-style shout-out to Mocha Momma who has been desperately, so desperately trying to get my attention for weeks now. I apologize for acting like the dude in Pretty in Pink.

More snow coming on Wednesday. Oh joy!

Airborne ranger

So on Tuesday it was like sixty degrees Fahrenheit and today it is a nipple popping twenty one degrees. No warm up in sight.

Big weekend off! All sorts of fun things to do, inside. Rhen is sick too. Poor guy.

I’ve been fighting off his cold with this great product. It’s about the best thing I’ve ever used for a cold. I know I’d be absolutely miserable right now if it weren’t for it. All hail mighty Airborne®! May your effervescent health formula smite the common cold. It really works. Taste isn’t so great. I’d try the pink grapefruit flavor.