Welcome back to Boogey Concussionland located on Whiplash and Vine

It’s not like I try to do these things but front board slides are the great equalizer in skateboarding and apparently I’m dead set on being equalized. Resolved. I feel like this is my month of retrograde and when I woke up this morning and C_ told me that today was going to be better I said, “But hoooooowwwwwwww.” Anyway after readmission into Boogey Concussionland I walked home in the rain on Whiplash and Vine feeling sad and dissociative. I felt like I could walk through a wall. It wasn’t that bad of a whack even. Just the stupid whiplash is what really bums me out. It’s the feeling of rigor mortis setting in and morbidity. Enjoy your early onset disability. It’s in everyone’s future.

Here’s what I look like after I hit my head. I always think these photos look kind of funny so I like to take them. Also I apologize to Torre because I hugged him in the skate shop before I left and I know how much he hates people.

RIP Bob Saget 1956-2022. You were a ripper and a beast.

The benefits of paying for web hosting that is not attached to a social media service. Trust me. This isn’t spam for my webhost. Please have this <3 as a symbolic gesture that I am not a bot.

Yesterday’s post was a lot of fun for me- not because I’m great at skateboarding (obvious!) or because I have an absolute endless appetite for validation in the desolate vacuous landscape of the internet/world/hellscape. I’m sorry. I digress. No, the reason I enjoyed the post so much is because I have complete control over the appearance. Namely, the size of the video and resolution. No one can offer that without pay service. I tried putting it on YouTube to save bandwidth but instantly it was recognizable as YouTube and placed into a silo that is stupid and cost effective for YouTube…as it should be. They only offer up 3 billion gigs of content a day. I guess they should try to get paid. I enjoyed that my friends could see me in a presentable size without advertising being crammed at them or suffering to see the video on the largest phone screen possible. Sad state that watching a video on a computer display is considered a luxury. No one knows how to watch or see anything anymore. We all think it should be a painful experience. One filled with malice and little hearts to smash or algorithms to tweak…or twerk. I think I’ll make more of these. Gonna get some content today.

Anyway- this is where I write the blog. Thanks for reading.

DSC 0019 1 1024x681  The benefits of paying for web hosting that is not attached to a social media service. Trust me. This isn’t spam for my webhost. Please have this <3 as a symbolic gesture that I am not a bot.

I’m pretty much the only person that does this.

Last night at the private Anthem Skatepark lets-test-out-the-new-renovations session I slammed off of the corner of their east bank (lower case it’s nothing special it is just the only way I know how to describe it) onto literally the only fucking step in the park. It’s just one simple step up to get you onto ground floor and my lower back met the edge of it. Lol, oh the humanity. I’d say it was about a 6 foot fall directly into Hell and from the expression on the Archangel Noah’s face when he said “I’ll get you some holy water” told me it was pretty horrific. He didn’t say that but I wish he had because I sure needed a laugh. Anyway, when a twenty something angel offers to get you a water, quickly, as in this is just a step away from calling 911 because after that there’s nothing else we can do, shit is bad. I prayed the rosary and then asked my friends to look at my back. They said it was fine. Just some road rash. It was not fine. I felt like I had shredded every muscle in that spot. I have three weird abrasions on my left arm that I can’t even account for. After 15 minutes of pretending I was going to skate again I finally said I had to put some ice on it and I walked home. The whole way home I kept saying to myself, IF I MAKE IT THROUGH THIS WITHOUT ANY MOBILITY ISSUES I WILL LIVE A RIGHTEOUS LIFE. Anyway, after some ice and a lot of ibuprofen and Delta 8 I feel somewhat better. I feel like I’ll be out of commission for at least two weeks. That sucks. I hope the PTSD isn’t too bad, I mean later on when I decide to skate again. Lol.

One Instant on an October Day in Minnesota

Excited to finally decide that today is absolutely the day I will take my second One Instant photo. The camera I will be using is a Polaroid 250 in very good condition that I found on eBay about a month ago. I have rewatched the loading video (will watch again before I finally load!) and am excited to pick a spot to shoot. I’ll probably chose the old Winona Senior High but I have not completely decided on it. Perhaps a photo of my trusty Schwinn ten speed that I have affectionally named “Gryngolet” in front of the old alma mater to create the perfect Vampire Weekend “Campus” photo aesthetic.

I eagerly wait for the moment that the lighting condition will arrive. I plan to scan the print and post it to my blog when the mission is complete.